ServiceNow Quebec Release: Game-Changing Features of Now Platform

Find here new and exciting features and highlights that make ServiceNow Quebec Release a superb tool for business enterprises.
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ServiceNow platform delivers two major releases each year, typically in March and September. Six months after the Paris release, ServiceNow gave its audience another reason to design and create workflows, processes, and interfaces with the recent Quebec release. Released in March 2021, Quebec Upgrade declares ServiceNow the platform of platforms for 21st-century enterprises. This release empowers business organizations to better deploy digital workflows by connecting people and systems, accelerating their digital transformation journey, and gaining agility. Read the content ahead and find out the most important highlights and equipment of the ServiceNow Quebec Release that make the cloud platform more valuable to its end users.

ServiceNow Quebec Release Highlights and Features

Now Platform’s new version, businesses and enterprises get must-have digital tools for workflow disruptive change. With the COVID-19 pandemic around, digital transformation is accelerating and compelling companies to adjust their ways of traditional work. Now Quebec release has empowered ServiceNow to deliver innovations. This release simplifies how you work, builds digital workflow apps, and provides intuitive experiences from new products to applications and additional features to fix existing products. Look at some of the game-changing features that make significant changes to the building, deployment, and usage of the Now platform.

Core functionality

Platform Encryption

This feature also manages and customizes server-side encryption to enhance platform security with the commitment to better access control.

UI Builder

This feature customizes and personalizes the platform experience by designing configurable workspaces and portals. It also supports domain-separated environments with (WYSIWYG) design with reusable components.

Now Intelligence

Artificial intelligence Search

Empowered by AI, this feature helps you get actionable, intelligent, and personalized search results. You can configure it once and use the same across different interactions.

Natural Language Quer

With the upgraded version, users will be able to ask questions and get answers in the form of charts, lists, and values.

NLU Workbench

This unique feature ensures you can easily manage and build models across applications with deployment in about 16 languages.

Performance Analytics enhancements

This feature is vital for improving and configuring dashboard flexibility with calendar support.

Process Optimization

This feature lets you find out areas for improvement in the process flows.

Regression Framework

Now, you can easily predict numeric inputs or ranges. Here, machine learning helps you improve business planning and set user expectations.

Reporting Enhancements

Now, you can make changes in reporting with multiple formatting options like calculations and robust dynamic design.

Virtual Agent Enhancements

This feature is vital for setting up and deploying chatbots on the topics that suit your business needs. It also intercepts and resolves issues in advance.
• Workforce Optimization: This feature lets you manage team performance and agent productivity in real time with views of queues and agent activity.

ServiceNow Mobile

Mobile Agent Enhancements

Users will be able to access critical knowledge articles anywhere with this feature. It lets you bookmark and favorite mobile screens for quicker access.

Mobile Developer Tool Enhancements

The new version prompts users to create cards and templates quickly via an intuitive designer. Now, admins will get more powers to imitate the mobile privileges of a selected user.

Mobile Enhancements

This feature enables you to exploit AI search, deep linking, and card actions. It is vital for completing mobile experiences with consumer-grade capabilities.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform. It enables business enterprises of all sizes to advance operational efficiencies by restructuring and automating routine work tasks. If you are thinking of making the most out of the newest version of the platform, you can get help from ServiceNow specialists. These specialists offer ServiceNow implementation, migration, development, support, testing, advisory, consulting, and maintenance services.

Get all issues and problems resolved with the ServiceNow Quebec Release. Get in touch with ServiceNow Consultants at Binmile today.

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