A New Perspective Towards Configuration Management Database (CMDB) @ ServiceNow

Today, no matter what industry/sector the business operates in, it needs to have an IT infrastructure capable to meet the developing and changing business needs. IT is no more just a support function for any business, rather the backbone for many Organizations. A 10 minute of downtime in IT infrastructure can hamper business image globally, impact daily operation or even compromise on security. Leaders need to be proactive than reactive to sustain the business in the age technology.

As a leader, to know ones current organizational standing is as important as the milestones they wish to achieve. Creating and maintaining an IT Infrastructure requires huge capital investments, but what happens when the ROI is not as expected?

Answer: Disappointed Stakeholders!

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a data base that stores information about the software and hardware assets also known as CIs.Incorrect information and relations on CIs can misguide CIOs on strategies and affect business growth in long term. Whereas, an accurate and real time data can empower CIOs to make bolder and precise decisions and contribute better to organizational strategy achievement.

However, currently there are few limitations to CMDB.

ServiceNow CMDB

ServiceNow CMDB provides organizations a means to improve upon their systems by providing information of exact assets and relationships that exist between these assets. This helps stakeholders to better understand organizations IT environment, especially in fields of Service Impact analysis, compliance, configuration and asset management. ServiceNow CMDB is the ultimate application which provides full visibility and control of all IT infrastructure and services, for an accurate and faster decision making.

Pros of ServiceNow CMDB

1. Single Platform for Consolidated needs

Speed up business analysis of issues that impact business, minimize service outages and enhance on service incident and management process by knowing what assets are there in your IT environment and the dependencies existing between them

2. Third Party Integration

Integrate with third party applications to identify and reconciliation to maintain CI relationships.

3. Real time Data and accuracy

Get real time and accurate information on CIs and their relationships for greater insights.

4. Data Visualization

Always on the run?  Now, get your reports with data visualization for faster and better decision making capabilities.

Though, ServiceNow CMDB alone is a powerful application. However, when combined with other ServiceNow applications it surpasses its competitors. One may populate the CIs information into CMDB either manually, via integration with external CMDB, import information from another Source or using the ServiceNow Discovery.

ServiceNow Discovery automatically populates the CMDB without any manual intervention, resulting in 100% accurate data being populated in CMDB.

Accurate and clear information on CIs empowers CIOs to make decisions for optimum results.


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