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ServiceNow empowers organizations to better utilize their monetary resources & focus on strategic business needs by providing best solution.
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The digital Modern agendas are powered by Platforms. They enable varied business model s to function in the ecosystems they operate in.

As an organization digital transformation journey is highly important when it comes to strategic business objectives. Organizations need configurable and scalable platforms so as to be able to incorporate the growing complexities and scales of future business needs.

ServiceNow helps organizations/business’s accomplish this attribute and not just empower them to sustain the growing competitive environment but also stand out from its competitors by being effective and efficient when it comes to operating the business from a holistic point of view.

Following are some of the many benefits of ServiceNow for business

1. Improve IT staff productivity with ServiceNow

Enterprises need to focus more on their core competency rather than being indulge in supporting services. With growing business complexity, regulations and diversification enterprises need to make the best of available resources.

The ServiceNow Platform acts as consolidated solution, providing businesses to build a single system for all their IT needs. The features allow business to align all enterprise operational needs which were previously disjoined, by making the best of ideal ITSM practices.  Enhancements in IT allow businesses to better serve business objective by establishing themselves as partners to the business they support, making them more efficient and effective towards their business needs.

2. Minimize business risks with ServiceNow

Enterprises have gone global in operations leading to interaction to environment which at times do not fall under the direct control of the business. To be prepared for an adversity is always a better idea than to face one and then rectify it.

ServiceNow is focused at minimizing the external and internal risks for businesses that may prevail due to the nature of the business.

ServiceNow is a comprehensive platform and entails varied features aimed at safeguarding enterprise form risks. The platform mitigates the risk by providing a consolidated platform for all IT needs, secured cloud based services, being compliant with industry standards and providing prompt and accurate information about incidents or problems that which may act as potential risks to business.

ServiceNow helps organizations leverage the power of technology and process by automating process, saving time and cost for business by deploying ServiceNow’s out of the box GRC modules.

3. Increase employee productivity with ServiceNow

Employees in today’s enterprises need a seamless and functional IT services to perform their daily tasks. An uninterrupted and smooth service from IT will ensure that business operations are not affected due to flawed or ineffective IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow contributes in handing over smooth IT service for higher productivity together with reusing of tested information through ServiceNow Knowledge Base application and comparable repeatable techniques.

ServiceNow enables organizations to provide services using the interfaces such as ServiceNow Service Catalog that is user-friendly, supported by using automated workflows allowing personnel to utilize the service platform ensuing in an increase in efficiencies of personnel, casting off time for errors and follow-up efforts.

4. Reduce IT infrastructure costs with ServiceNow

Technology is both evolving and getting obsolete at the same time.

Legacy applications need to be replaced with agile and modern platforms to provide value to enterprises.

The ServiceNow platforms enable enterprises to withdraw from legacy IT platforms and services, making them competitive in today’s aggressive technological environment.

ServiceNow helps enterprise limit dependency on outsourced IT services and minimize cost, leveraging benefit of cost savings and enabling them to prioritize in-house IT offerings which can assist in enterprise growth.

Some additional pros of ServiceNow to business

  • Optimize IT help desk resolution time
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Automate mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Optimized cost via platform consolidation
  • Data security and management for enterprise
  • Align IT with  business strategy for better ROI

ServiceNow acts a single solution for all IT needs of an enterprise.

ServiceNow empowers organizations to better utilize their monetary resources and focus on strategic business needs by providing one stop solution for all IT needs of an organization.

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May Sanders
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