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Measuring the Success of Automated Testing for Enterprise Apps

Know more about how to measure the success of automated testing for enterprise apps for business needs through test automation metrics.
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Automation is an ongoing process. When you change something in the constant app, you find auto-generation of new test cases. This way, you get better outcomes with quality enterprise apps. In the past decade, the global automation testing industry has gained attention from IT services companies for quality assurance & software testing services. Enterprises focus more on QA which helps you make gains with the implementation of agile solutions. You can see new standards for enterprises to employ testing services in the fast-changing digital transformation space. Enterprise apps are mission-critical applications that resolve issues, help in making decisions, and automate business processes. BI tools, mobile apps, payment processing systems, and ERP solutions are unique examples of enterprise apps. Read this content to know more about measuring the success of automated testing for enterprise apps through test automation metrics.

Test Automation Metrics

A report by Transparency Market Research predicts that the Global Test Automation market will rise at a solid 15.4% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2017 and 2025 to be worth US$ 109.69 billion by 2025. This data sheds light on the growing importance of test automation. With trends of intelligent applications, accelerated mobile pages, wearable devices, progressive web apps, and security overspeed, enterprise app development will take a new shape. All enterprises are ready to invest in enterprise apps to gain a competitive edge. However, it is vital to test these apps before making them live comprehensively. Here, automation induces a big difference in testing enterprise apps.

Testers and developers assess app functionality as per business needs, app impact after a change, and how apps interact in various conditions. Test automation companies solve different test automation problems using enterprise test automation software, like Sauce Labs, Perfecto, LambdaTest, Eggplant, TestComplete, Apache JMeter, and SOAPUI. Test automation metrics are essential to evaluate and improve software quality through testing efforts. While testing enterprise apps, you need to track the following test automation metrics.

Equivalent Manual Test Effort (EMTE)

In modern, fast-paced application environments, the prime target of automation tests is to conduct tests efficiently. Enterprise apps are unique for businesses, and they need to be tested systematically and quickly. The EMTE metric measures the automation value while testing enterprise apps through a suite of manual tests. The EMTE helps you compare the speed and time of automated tests to identify positive ROI.

Production Flaws

Enterprise apps are vital for the smooth functioning of a business. Even the production does not identify severe defects after the app release. Consequently, it results in disaster. Note a failed software upgrade can make enterprises face immense loss of business. Hence, compelling automated test suites must indicate all grave issues at the production level. Here, this metric emerges as a perfect strategy to measure the effectiveness of automated testing. In addition, test execution metrics help in showing real tests executed as part of a build.

Cycle Time

Cycle time is also an important metric for enterprise apps as it is concerned with the execution of a task or process from beginning to end. A defect cycle time shows the time consumed to change the software regarding bugs and releases. The end-to-end cycle time measurement is vital for enterprise apps in terms of insights exposed about automated tests and variations. Higher defect cycle time jumps indicate failing and compromised automated tests. It means a bottleneck process with slows down deployment.

Right Automation

Test automation alone is not enough to have higher-quality enterprise applications with fewer defects. Here, focus on practical test automation efforts to drive improvements in the testing of enterprise app efficiency and quality. It is possible with the right test automation metric that takes you to modern QA automation approaches. Enterprises can take help from leading test automation companies offering end-to-end automation testing solutions to reduce regression testing time, cut down the time to market, and save inflating costs.

Yash Gupta
Yash Gupta
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