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Workflow automation tool ServiceNow makes things easy for healthcare organizations with ServiceNow Vaccine Management for vaccinating people.
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Recently, digital workflow company ServiceNow announced its Vaccine Administration Management solution to address the challenges of vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring. The solution has been designed to help organizations get people vaccinated quickly. When governments and organizations around the world are using digital technology to keep people safe, ServiceNow “Vaccine Administration Management” solution deciphers the greatest workflow challenge of delivering billions of vaccines on a deadline by removing logistic obstacles. Read this content and find how the workflow automation tool makes things easy with ServiceNow Vaccine Management solution and lets healthcare organizations help vaccinate people on a big scale.

Immediate Challenges Addressed by ServiceNow Vaccine Management

According to McKinsey & Company research, COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers will release about 12 billion vaccine doses collectively, at the global level, in 2021. Turning vaccines into vaccinations is a massive undertaking that needs significant coordination in the process of vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring. Here, the prime challenge is to improve workflows across the front, middle and back-office for healthcare organizations. It will ultimately empower the futuristic healthcare ecosystem and progresses patient experiences.

“Quickly developing effective vaccines was the world’s first challenge, and the scientific achievements have been outstanding. The world must now rise to the second challenge, getting people vaccinated quickly,” said Bill McDermott, president, and CEO of ServiceNow.

“Distributing, administering, and monitoring vaccinations is the greatest workflow challenge of our time. ServiceNow is proud to help solve the complex logistics, coordination, and effective delivery to people that is required. We are harnessing the power of our Now Platform to provide government agencies and others worldwide the scale, speed, and flexibility needed. ServiceNow’s Vaccine Administration Management solves the last-mile challenges of keeping people healthy and safe,” he added.

While public vaccine management focuses on health communication and education, the technology always plays an essential role in addressing different challenges. Here, digital workflows can help organizations resolve the challenges of vaccine administration in an effective manner. That is why ServiceNow “Vaccine Administration Management” is all about managing workflow with the integration of data and connections between disparate systems.

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Solutions to Meet Workflow Challenges

Health organizations and vaccine makers are developing the COVID-19 vaccines in bulk to make people safer in times of pandemic. Owing to the lack of processes and infrastructure required for quick vaccination, all governments and organizations find it hard to get out of the trap in the “last mile” of vaccine management. The urgent distribution becomes a complex workflow problem due to limited supply, precise storage conditions, and two-part injection requirements. Here, ServiceNow resolves the workflow problem by supporting millions of COVID vaccinations across different parts of the world.

With workflow automation tasks, the workflow platform connects the existing technology infrastructure of organizations for a successful vaccine management process, covering vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring. The key updates of the Vaccine Administration Management solution deliver a modern, self-service experience across desktop and mobile devices. It also lets health organizations out-of-the-box capabilities for:

  • Accessing critical vaccine information,
  • Scheduling appointments,
  • Sending reminders,
  • Notifying patients about the availability of vaccines, and
  • Receiving appointment notifications from vaccine providers.

“To help get our more than 10 million North Carolinians vaccinated quickly and efficiently, the State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is using the ServiceNow platform to power our COVID Vaccine Management System (CVMS) Help Desk Portal. Leveraging ServiceNow, we also were able to assist NCDHHS in developing a workflow on the CVMS Help Desk Portal that digitizes the process of requesting and securing state approval to transfer vaccines to different locations. What was previously a manual, time-intensive process can now be completed through the portal with a few clicks – ultimately accelerating the immunization process.” – Thomas Parrish, Acting Secretary and State Chief Information Officer for the North Carolina Department of Information Technology.

Health care enterprises and organizations can make the most out of the cloud-based workflow automation platform: ServiceNow. ServiceNow experts can help organizations automate their workflows. ServiceNow specialists in the health care segment enable enterprises to maximize efficiencies, save costs, and manage resources with ServiceNow implementation, migration, development, support, testing, advisory, consulting, and maintenance services.

Note that ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management is available on the ServiceNow Store. Built on Customer Service Management Professional, it lets customers get in touch with their account executives. Always take help from experienced ServiceNow experts to run the SaaS platform modules and features in a fuss-free manner.


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