Binmile Celebrates Recognition on The Times of India’s Watchlist of Top Industry Leaders for 2024

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Binmile secures a spot on the prestigious The Times of India's 2024 Most Admired Watchlist, validating its visionary approach and client-centric services, cementing its status as a top-tier Software Development Company.

Binmile, a leading Software Development Company, proudly graces The Times of India’s most admired Companies’ watchlist for 2024. This mention solidifies Binmile’s endless initiatives to propelling businesses and organizations forward and building purpose-specific custom softwares and applications. Known for developing scalable, real-time, and efficient solutions using cutting-edge front- and back-end technology, Binmile is sure to take your company to the next level.

The Times of India, a globally esteemed media outlet, has consistently been a reliable source for delivering precise and timely information. The digital arm of The Times of India has set new standards for excellence in journalism, leveraging technology to deliver news and insights to a vast and diverse audience. Their commitment to quality, credibility, and innovation aligns seamlessly with Binmile’s ethos, making this recognition even more significant.

In the discerning eyes of The Times of India, Binmile stood out for its visionary excellence. Key elements that drew TOI’s attention to Binmile were the company’s client-centric approach, its ability to adapt to changing industry trends, and its consistent record of offering Top Software Development Services.

Avanish Kamboj, the visionary Founder and CEO of Binmile, expressed his appreciation for the recognition and offered insights into Binmile’s future trajectory. “Being featured on The Times of India’s Watchlist of Most Admired Companies for 2024 is a great honor for us,” he stated. “Looking ahead, our primary objective is to foster growth and extend our global reach in 2024. We are dedicated to providing exceptional solutions to clients across diverse markets, including the Middle East and other global regions.” He further emphasized, “To address the evolving needs of our clients and the industry, we are continually expanding our workforce.”

Maintaining its status as a leading Software Development Company, Binmile adheres to a future-focused strategy that foresees changes in the market. In order to meet and beyond client expectations and establish new benchmarks for excellence, the company wholeheartedly embraces new technology and techniques on a constant basis.

About Binmile

Binmile stands as a globally acknowledged Digital Transformation Company, celebrated for its delivery of innovative and cutting-edge solutions across diverse industries. Boasting an extensive service portfolio encompassing software development, product development, application development, quality engineering, cloud consulting, and DevOps, coupled with advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, ML, and AR/VR, Binmile showcases exceptional versatility. The company’s influential footprint extends across India, the USA, the UK, Dubai, and Indonesia, solidifying its commitment to global innovation, growth, and excellence.

About The Times of India

The Times of India, a leading media conglomerate, has been a trusted source of news and information for decades. Over the years, The Times of India has adapted to the changing media landscape, embracing digital platforms to cater to the growing online audience. Its commitment to journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth has earned it a distinguished reputation, and the newspaper continues to wield considerable influence in shaping public opinion.

Beyond its role as a news provider, The Times of India has diversified its offerings, encompassing supplements, magazines, and online content to cater to the diverse interests of its readership. As a cultural touchstone, The Times of India reflects the dynamism and diversity of the Indian nation, making it an integral part of the country’s media landscape.