ServiceNow ISTM: From Quantified Benefits to Expert Advice for IT Leaders

Find here more about the quantified benefits of implanting ServiceNow ITSM and the practical advice of ITSM experts for IT leaders.
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Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) needs no introduction because the ServiceNow product simply transforms the impact, speed, and delivery of IT. It is vital for increasing productivity and creating unique experiences. It easily handles incidents, service requests, problems, and changes and covers a range of services, including asset provisioning and management; device lifecycle management; identity management; service desk support, and software licensing, and SLA (Service Level Agreement) management. Read this content and find how more about the Quantified Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM and the practical advice of ITSM experts for IT leaders.

Quantified Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM

Enterprise customers favor and prefer ServiceNow ITSM for its capacity to advance the value of IT services, increase end-user satisfaction scores, and escalate the IT team’s flexibility and agility. It successfully reduces long-term ITSM costs.

A 2017 report on the study of seven businesses conducted by Forrester Research emphasizes how business enterprises made a big difference using ServiceNow for their ITSM needs. The following are some of the unique benefits of ServiceNow ITSM:

  • $3 million in efficiency savings over three years
  • $4 million in reductions to infrastructure costs over three years
  • 15-minute reduction in average employee spending to make a service request
  • 20% increase in the overall capacity of the IT team, enabling employees to handle a wider variety of incidents
  • 25% reduction in the monthly volume of high-priority incidents
  • 66% reduction in the monthly volume of service and incident requests

ITSM Experts’ Practical Advice to IT Leaders for 2021

“Sit down with your customers and ask them two questions: What do we do that annoys you or causes you to lose value?” and “What do we do that you like, and want more of?” – Stuart Rance, Optimal Service Management Limited

“My practical advice for IT leaders is to have a plan for improving the quality of IT operations and for managing the ever-changing environment – but be prepared to change it as the world changes. Don’t neglect the need for ongoing improvement activities in processes, organization, tooling, etc. Also, look for opportunities to leverage the newly found IT/business engagement that for many organizations has become closer since the global pandemic struck.” – Steve Morgan, Syniad IT

“Do more with less budget. As many of us will have to work with lower budgets in the coming years it’s worth looking now at your spend. Instead of just simply not doing certain projects or worse, let go of staff, it might be better to see if modern technologies can help you do the same things for a lower cost. For ITSM this may mean reviewing your current, expensive service management tool as there are many modern (cloud) solutions on the market today that cost significantly less than the traditional tool sets. It may also mean reviewing the capabilities of your current tool set, perhaps it has time registration or project management included. If so you may want to be able to get rid of another tool you have that does this and save yourself the license or subscription costs.” Martijn Adams, 4Me

“In 2021, companies will continue to navigate the realities of a forced remote workforce along with embracing an ever-growing application portfolio to support and enhance their service offerings. As the pressure increases on IT teams to continue to deliver high value to those services at a rapid pace, it’ll become more and more incumbent upon those teams to adopt more agile ITSM and DevOps-style ways of working, along with the tools that support these methodologies.
To set up their high-velocity teams for success, IT leaders should seize the opportunity to adopt these agile practices and tools now. Embracing open and collaborative approaches, such as integrating incident response and software deployment tools, which can foster more focused swarming during incident response and lead to increased deployment frequency.” – Ken Connally


What is ServiceNow? (ITSM)

41 Pieces of Practical Advice for IT Leaders for 2021

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