ServiceNow Impact Launched to Accelerate Digital Transformation Investment Returns

Powered by AI, ServiceNow Impact improves outcomes, personalizes your value experience, and swells proficiency on your transformation drive.
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Cloud-based workflow automation platform ServiceNow released ServiceNow Impact, an AI-powered value acceleration solution, to assist customers to accelerate the returns on their digital transformation investments. Built on the Now Platform, ServiceNow Impact is the enterprise software industry’s first solution to deliver a bespoke digital experience. It combines AI-powered recommendations, role-based training, and certifications, expert coaching, premium tech support, tech tools, and expert guidance. Read more about how ServiceNow Impact accelerates your digital transformation investment with better returns. Also, read what industry experts think about the utility and value of the novel release from ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Impact for All

ServiceNow, empowered by artificial intelligence, aims to support digital transformation efforts. According to CRM industry thought leader Paul Greenberg, “Customer expectations have altered, and organizations are considering originating greater value quicker from their digital investments. It offers an innovative approach to worth acceleration for its customers that raises the standard on the B2B customer experience in the industry.” ServiceNow Impact comes with loads of benefits for all. These include:

  • For business leaders – Accelerate ROI, adopt innovation, align strategy to execution, benchmark your progress, and personalize your value
  • For platform owners – Get business outcomes faster with expert guidance, preventive tools, and proactive insights
  • For system admins – Administration support, developer support and code reviews, personalized learning and coaching, and practical library for leading practices

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott says, “You can only improve what you can measure. Leaders need a command center to navigate the fully-connected world. ServiceNow platform proffers a single pane of glass to support next-generation business models.” He adds, “ServiceNow Impact is an intuitive and consumer-grade mobile app that envisages the value from transformation investments in real-time. The impressive global demand of the platform proves nothing like this has ever been delivered in enterprise software.” By leveraging the power of the new platform, you can try ServiceNow Impact to:

  • Bring into line innovation strategy to inflate business outcomes
  • Identify the digital transformation experience
  • Magnify internal expertise

Early Adopters of ServiceNow Impact

ServiceNow Impact is a new solution designed to personalize your value knowledge, speed up outcomes, and increase expertise. Anaplan, Infor, and NewsCorp are some of the early adopters of ServiceNow Impact. Look at what some of the followers of ServiceNow Impact express about the new solutions.

Technology Officer of NewsCorp

“Our investment in enterprise workflow technology is crucial to digitize operations and enable transformation across HR service centers and business. ServiceNow Impact is helping us to integrate and accelerate solutions ensuring greater flexibility and coordination across teams. With personalized and innovative technology, we are evolving these fundamental components of our operations to empower better employee experiences and customer engagement ultimately.”

CIO of Anaplan

“Delivering a stellar employee experience is paramount. ServiceNow Impact offers tailored support and strategic guidance to align our global technology organization’s priorities to the ServiceNow technology we’re using. It’s helping us achieve our strategy and maximize our investment value. The increasing demand for linked planning means agility and prioritizing the right skills and expertise across teams. With Impact, we are excited to develop a strategic roadmap that leverages ServiceNow as a component of our customer experience support. It also helps us further scale and elevate our customer-first vision.”

Senior VP of Global Support at Infor

“We look forward to using ServiceNow Customer Service Management, together with Impact, to assist us to improve support operations, and confirming optimal collaboration across our business functions for successful customer engagement. New ServiceNow capabilities will be unique as we continue to increase the support and service experience that we provide to our customers.”

Summing Up

Some leading brands have already adopted the ServiceNow Impact solutions and are happy with the overall outcomes. If you want to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, professional ServiceNow consultants can help you get the most of your business investment without affecting your business growth.

ServiceNow experts digitize your business workflows with ServiceNow consulting, advisory, migration, implementation, support, development, support, maintenance, and testing services on ITSM, ITOM, ITAM, ITBM, and ServiceNow ATF.

Now get ready to have a personalized solution in order to up the ante for a faster ROI and condense your expertise.

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