Predicting Better with Predictive Analytics

One must have heard the statement, “World’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” The above statement stands to its testimony as of today. Not many years ago, the payments and banking industry were less digitalized. People had limited access to […]

Unleash the Best of ServiceNow with Binmile Technologies

Each enterprise is unique and so they have their own unique experiences and requirements. No more is the norm when enterprises in a similar industry have to follow same set of business rules. Changing consumer needs and wants has made competition tough […]

Wake Up to the Reality of a Sharp Rise in On-Demand Apps

The journey of mobile apps from a mobile website to native and hybrid apps and from click interaction to artificial intelligence UI has resulted in loads of benefits for mobile app developers and end-users. Mobile app development is continuously shifting. Making an […]

DevSecOps: Security Will No Longer Be an Afterthought in DevOps Pipelines

7 mins read Digital transformation Nowadays, business organizations embrace open-source container-orchestration systems, serverless, and other cloud-based technologies at a faster face. So, cloud-native security has become a critical concern. Here, software development teams need new tools and processes to protect their IT […]

Latest Trends that Improve the Frontend Web Development Scenario

5 mins read Digital transformation Frontend means the overall look and appearance of digital products. In a digital world, the software’s aesthetics matters the most in terms of brand culture, customer experience, and customer emotional connection with products. Here, a great frontend […]

Cross-browser Test Automation for CMBS Player

5 mins read Digital transformation Cross-browser Test Automation for CMBS Player Improved quality, no maintenance overheads, and happier engineers with a comprehensive end-to-end cross-browser test automation on the cloud platform using Lambda Test. Vertical: Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Overview The client is […]