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Binmile adopted & proceed with Digital Transformation service to our clients keeping in mind past, present & future business requirements.
Business Digital Transformation Services | Binmile


The client operates in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is one of the largest Oil and Gas exploration and production companies globally based out of South East Asia. The oil and gas industry includes the capital, manpower, and heavy machinery-intensive sectors, making operations control a challenge. With a multi-billion dollar valuation and operations in more than five countries, the client has to take care of different business components, such as workforce, proper communication to all its employees globally, supply chain management, adherence to legal compliances, governance, permits, procurement and overall a seamless flow of information, process and communication between its business functions, divisions, and people.


The Problem with the before-mentioned industries is that they have always been occupied with core business operations and paved less importance to technologies to facilitate their business. With a core focus on exploration and production, they unconsciously neglected the business practices that could have provided them operational resilience and added advantage by minimizing operations’ cost.

The client used various tools for all its business functions & processes, with most of the tasks done manually. There was a separate custom application for requesting and approving permits. Another app was for managing its facility. Moreover, they had another tool to manage its communications, and so on.

  • Data generated from all business functions/divisions were being stored in Silos
  • No explicit communication/connection between business functions
  • Time-consuming as most of the process was manual in the organization
  • As the process was manual and spread over geographies, the cost of carrying out them was high
  • Regular breakdowns with delayed resolutions due to dispersed and independent tools and systems
  • Unease to people involved in day-to-day business operations
  • Too much of paperwork
  • Troublesome procedures for audits


The solution was to adapt to the latest technology. To be an IT-enabled business, where the Decision Makers and Businesses are agile, face any challenge and exploit any opportunity that may strike. The path for Digital transformation was to be adopted keeping in mind the past, present, and future business requirements. The client has chosen Binmile Technologies as the desired partner for its Digital transformation journey.

1. Service Portal Catalogs

As the organization is huge and spread over geographies with complex business functions, it is necessary to use the ServiceNow platform. The Service Portal was completely re-designed, keeping in mind the user experience, diversified workforce, different business function needs, organization branding, and increasing Platform usage.

2. Customized Feed

The portal had a ticket view for all the requests and incidents raised, a widget for company announcements for its employees, a widget for choosing your favorite business update, an announcement widget to update its employees on new ServiceNow functionalities, and many more.

3. ServiceNow Custom Applications

As ServiceNow is highly customizable and scalable, the client decided to ditch its legacy tools and systems. The client went ahead with custom applications in ServiceNow, such as a custom application for facilities management, a custom application to automate the flow of permits required, all this to be automated using ServiceNow Workflows.


  • With automated processes, there are no errors in approval or documentation
  • Faster delivery of services to its employees and customers
  • All documents and data under one platform, easing Audit
  • Standardized brand image globally with Service Portal
  • With automation, there is saving in terms of both cost and time
  • Custom applications for all custom business need on the same platform
  • Process mapping with ServiceNow
  • Real-Time updates and reports on request and incident

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