Automate the Full IT Cycle on a Single Platform with ServiceNow ITAM

Read here how ServiceNow ITAM gives an edge when it comes to making intelligent IT decisions and managing IT assets perfectly.
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Managing IT assets are vital to make the most out of hardware, software, virtual machines, mobile devices, and computers. Too often, these assets fail to perform collectively and optimize their worth. It is not easy to get desired output from unorganized resources leveraging data and information. Such obstacles and barriers prevent management make well-versed decisions. Even companies hire employees to keep track of IT assets and focus on what matters the most for a company. Hence, ServiceNow ITAM (IT asset management) emerge as a reliable platform to streamline IT teams, management, and ultimately for the entire company.

The team outside of IT begins to hold services, assets. Management is also essential to various departments—companies using asset management software to handle things varying from fleets and insurance to musical instruments. ServiceNow™ ITAM provides increased visibility and lifecycle automation of all assets on one platform. Read here how ITAM ServiceNow automates the entire IT cycle on a single platform.

IT Asset Management Overview

IT asset management (ITAM) includes strategies and practices for handling, controlling, and improving company-owned IT systems, hardware, processes, and data. This (ITAM) strategy is a practice of dealing with multiple IT resources. It lets you maintain IT assets, measure IT performance, replace non-performing resources with a less expensive option, and advance to newer technology. Assets have a short amount of time, and the company maximizes the value of (ITAM) and proactive management. The lifecycle of (ITAM) includes maintenance, retirement, planning, procurement, deployment, and disposal.

Benefits of IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Deliver One Source of Truth

Asset management makes an order and tends to get tracked in different places by different people. No single individual keeps assets, and there is no solitary tool that centralizes information about these assets. (ITAM) delivers data consolidation, providing systems that work without endlessly tracking objects, monitoring practices, and understanding needs.

Better Utilization Reduces Risks and Eliminates Waste

Information that stays updated and helps teams to eliminate waste, better utilization, and control. Its services security and compliance around legal policies and reduces risks linked with controlling penalties.

Upgrade Productivity Without Losing Dependability

Asset management tools are very much helpful as the team holds DevOps and SRE principles. There is an up-gradation support on infrastructure, platform services, and effective asset management delivers the ability to manage.

Supports IT Business Practices and Teams

It supports ITSM and ITIL methods like problem management, change, and incident. With the right information and wide availability of teams that move more quickly with better impacts. It also supports HR (onboarding and off-boarding), finance for tracking assets, security for susceptibility remediation, and operations management over assisting, discovering, and mapping certain vital assets and needs.

Reduces Costs Through Review

Sometimes there are multiple licenses, instances, and resources that are either used too much or not. Combining and constantly reviewing assets can deliver information related to all the resources and draining more money than is required.

Best Practices of IT Asset Management

  • Begin with decision-making
  • Boost up the team to test the project
  • Check important assets
  • Find cloud resources
  • Determine procedures for discovering and integrating data
  • Use a lifecycle-based method
  • Be proactive while tracking efforts and continuously avoiding over-deployment
  • Choose CMDB to use
  • More automate
  • Integrate and make data available to all the IT
  • Identify your software licenses
  • Collect feedback for continual development
  • Involve other teams in feedback

How ServiceNow ITAM is suitable for a Business

There are many reasons why ITAM is helpful for your business. You can also take help from ServiceNow experts offering solutions for ServiceNow ITAM advisory, consulting, development, support, testing, implementation, migration, and maintenance.

It Saves Money

One of the critical elements to curb the costs is optimizing the spending on software, infrastructure, and platform services. Businesses can cut spending when they use best practices to enhance software licenses and assets.

Depend on Spreadsheets

Some companies still track their assets while using spreadsheets, but there is a greater chance that spreadsheets won’t always be accurate. Moreover, spreadsheets store data, creating difficulties for all authorized users to use the same up-to-date info.

Difficult to Keep up the Pace of Change

Assets are constantly changed, and manual track to overwhelm. However, dealing with issues such as replacement, the retirement of IT assets, new shipments, theft, etc., can form a chaotic IT atmosphere that demands closer attention to features.

Shadow IT is Reality

Shadow IT demonstrate the applications, licenses, and other IT assets being bought and used without the information of the IT team. The centralized (ITAM) software has IT in the loop and avoids overspending, risk, and non-compliance. Shadow IT is an authenticity close to all modern businesses face; managing it and a difference in the control level still has to lower the risks and spend.

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