The Comfort of Staying Current with ServiceNow Upgrades

ServiceNow delivers two significant upgrades every year to its solutions with innovative new features, increased performance, and more excellent stability for customers. To know the potential benefits of staying up to date with ServiceNow upgrades, Forrester Research conducted a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by ServiceNow. This report talks about the potential financial impact of accepting a consistent upgrade approach. Read the content to know more about the report’s findings and how customers with the experience of using ServiceNow modules see ServiceNow upgrades as a significant benefit for them.

The Key Findings of Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Each ServiceNow release family contains features, patches, and hotfixes. New features include all available fixes to existing functionality. Patches support existing functionality with a problem-fixing collection. Hot Fix supports current functionality with an exact problem fix for an upcoming release. That is why the upgrade is essential for all cloud workflow automation tools using companies and business organizations. Forrester Report concerning ServiceNow Upgrades assesses the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that business enterprises could realize remaining on the latest ServiceNow platform version. The key findings of the report show:

  • Reduce the effort of internal buildouts by 80% (three years, PV)
  • Reduced effort to upgrade by 81%
  • Increase time-to-value for mobile capabilities by 52 weeks
  • Faster and easier to upgrade and maintain ServiceNow: $2.6 million
  • Reduced time to build out new functionality: $2.8 million
  • Increased productivity from the quicker release of new functionality: $2.4 million

Like quantified benefits, there are also some unquantified benefits of ServiceNow Upgrades that Forrester identified. These unquantified benefits include:

  • Increased user engagement with new features and enhancement
  • Improved system security and reduced security risk through security patches
  • Increased user interaction with ServiceNow community for better understand enhancements

Customer Views and Expectations for ServiceNow Upgrades

The report’s findings clearly show that business enterprisers are getting immense benefits by sticking to current upgrades of the cloud platform. You can understand the utility and usefulness of staying together with new upgrades through the following quotes and sayings from the customers interviewed by Forrester.

“Our absolute biggest driver to staying consistent with our upgrades was how we missed new capabilities because of how long it previously took for us to upgrade. By the time we deployed a release, the platform would have a new release with new capabilities.” – Christopher Whitesell, senior solutions engineer, Fairview Health

“We created a more ‘consumer like’ experience with the ServiceNow platform. Staying current with our upgrades has allowed us to resolve previously unresolved features. For example, we increased the performance of our chat features from 3 seconds to send/receive messages to 50 milliseconds.” – Platform manager, Automotive manufacturing

“We waited for a ServiceNow release and actually got our portal up three months early because it integrated right out of the box while saving us months on the development effort.” – Product owner, a global conglomerate

Business enterprises using the older version of cloud-based workflow automation platform ServiceNow can make the most out of staying with new versions with the help of ServiceNow experts. These experts offer ServiceNow implementation, migration, development, support, testing, advisory, consulting, and maintenance services. ServiceNow upgrades include Quebec, Paris, Madrid, New York, Orlando, and many more.

Experienced ServiceNow experts can help you upgrade from Paris release to Quebec release in a hassle-free manner. You can also opt for all ServiceNow upgrades as per your changing business needs.



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