Is Digital Transformation with AI and ML killing PHP?

Some claim that PHP is slowly disappearing because of the digital change brought on by AI. Continue reading to learn the truth!
Is PHP slipping into oblivion? Unravel the truth | Binmile

Everyone knows that the world is going through a technological revolution. Every day there are digital transformations with AI being made across the globe. People are now gladly embracing newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Many people have put forward their opinion on the widely used PHP in such a scenario. It is a scripting language that has been around for as many as 25 years. With today’s fast-changing technology, it is not unusual to think that a language that has been around for more than 25 years may become obsolete soon.

However, data says otherwise. As many as 77.8% of websites still depend on PHP. WordPress and Facebook are some of the giants that majorly depend on PHP. With this data, it is unfair to say that PHP is dying.

Let us unravel more about the relationship between PHP and AI and also why it cannot be killed due to digital transformation. This article will also help us learn more about PHP development services that can help businesses grow by leaps and bounds.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’. It is a widely used general-purpose, open-source scripting language that can be combined with HTML and is perfect for web development.

The most significant advantage of using PHP is that it is completely free of cost. You could use it on almost all operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, among others. Its latest version is PHP 8.2, which was released in 2022.

PHP: Misconceptions About Its Relevance

Although statistics say otherwise, the common masses hold an opinion stating that AI and ML have affected the position of other programming languages. This is, in fact, completely untrue.

AI is not the end of programming languages like PHP. Indeed, the advancement of AI technology has opened up new prospects for software developers and transformed technology significantly. But PHP and AI share a close relationship.

AI primarily relies on advanced algorithms and data analysis, requiring talented programmers to create and maintain.

Furthermore, as AI becomes more prevalent in various industries, software developers will be pressured to incorporate AI technology into existing systems and create new uses for it. Such demands will increase the use of programming languages like PHP.

Unfortunately, there are several myths about languages like PHP becoming dead. Let’s debunk a few most commonly talked about misconceptions about PHP:

PHP is Obsolete

Past PHP versions might not have been the best and have their fallacies, but it is no longer true after the release of PHP 7. Even after the latest edition of PHP 8.0, PHP 7 continues to be the most widely used version.

PHP 7 has exceptional technological capability and feature breakthroughs, which enable sit to actively compete against the most cutting-edge programming languages. Its consistent usage among tech giants like Facebook and Spotify proves its prominence in the tech industry.

PHP Cannot Be Scaled

PHP is pretty scalable contrary to the misleading opinions shared across the web. Had it not been scalable, it would not have been used by giants like Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress, Spotify, and Pinterest, among others, during the age of digital transformation with AI and ML.

PHP is Sluggish

PHP speeds up site loading and allows users to navigate the site in seconds. PHP codes run faster than other languages since they use their own storage space rather than an overhead server or cloud system. Furthermore, when it comes to development, PHP frameworks make it easier, faster, and more efficient for developers to create a website.

PHP is Not Object-oriented

Many people argue that PHP is not an object-oriented programming language. However, facts widely state that PHP is an object-oriented programming language that supports a wide range of components, such as classes and objects. The property of object-oriented programming allows developers to create reusable and complex websites/web apps.

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Reasons Why PHP is Still Relevant

Although there has been a commotion over PHP being dead, it should be noted that it is far from being dead. There are significant pieces of evidence that claim PHP’s existence and continuous usage. Here are some reasons to corroborate that PHP is still relevant:

Dependable Characteristics

The fundamental characteristics of PHP have been the very basis of its relevance. Be it the easy rendering of HTML, the agile database support, operating system compatibility, and free and open source libraries- all these features are proven to be indispensable in today’s web development environment. Every time a new edition of PHP was launched, it proved to be better, faster, and stronger.

Easy to Learn

One of the key reasons behind PHP’s popularity is its straightforward structure and user-friendliness. Even if they lack web development expertise or experience, most people can create a web page in a reasonable amount of time utilizing a single PHP file. The syntax is basic, and the command functions are simple enough that even a layperson can use them.

Safe and Secure

Who does not want their website or application to be both quick and safe? PHP uses its memory and is powerful when it comes to being fast, especially when utilizing the latest versions. PHP security should not be challenged as it is intrinsically as safe as other programming languages.

As a result of its extensive use and community support, there are currently many frameworks, tools, and best practices to assist repair vulnerabilities and guard against cyberattacks. This makes PHP secure and safe from attacks, further proving its dependability.

PHP is Cost Effective

PHP is an open-source server-side programming language; hence it is free to use. Another advantage of PHP’s popularity is its much lower development expenses than other languages.

Framework Variations

There are a variety of frameworks that PHP has to offer based on project requirements. Using a variety of frameworks will make it easier to manage and protect your website.

A Strong Community

Any computer language would perish without its users. PHP has a large, vibrant, and helpful community of developers who are constantly using it. The community of PHP users is also a vast repository of tutorials and resources that you may use to solve problems or train the development staff of your firm.

Connected with Databases

PHP makes it simple to securely connect to practically any type of database. This allows developers more leeway in determining which database best suits the application under development.


With the advent of the latest PHP 8.2 version in 2022, it is experiencing a surge in demand. New challenges necessitate enhancements, which annual upgrades provide. PHP can easily handle a wide range of activities, such as data collection, redirection, mobile integration, and so on.

Given all its advantages, it can easily be concluded that PHP is here to stay. At least from its past performances and demand among big companies, it is evident that it will be in demand in the future too. Although AI and ML have had a life-changing impact on the world, they have not yet been able to take away PHP’s credibility.

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