Django web framework development

Unique Reasons Why Django Web Framework is Still Popular in 2021

There are several web development frameworks in the competitive market, but selecting the right one is a complicated and intricate task. Business enterprises should pick up a framework that can effectively fit their business goals. What is common among Instagram, Spotify, NASA, and Disqus websites? All these fast and scalable websites have been designed and developed with the Django framework. It is vital for creating a fast, good-looking website that helps you engage with customers, promote business, and increase sales. Django is a trendy Python framework to date in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Read the content and know why Django framework development is popular so far.

Django is still popular and favorite

Django is a fast, secure, and flexible Python framework that works hand-in-hand with data science and data analytics. According to GitHub, Django is the 2nd most starred Server Side framework after Laravel. The thing that makes Django a popular framework is its ability to strike the right balance between enterprise features and rapid application development. Moreover, the clean design of Django drags all developers. That is why Django framework development has a huge demand from business enterprises of all sizes and types.

JR Rickerson, A Python Expert, and Instructor at DevelopIntelligence, says, “For web development, my go-to framework is Django. Django is one of the oldest web frameworks in the Python community, and it can be considered by some to be bloated, but everything I need to get a new client up and running with a web application is built-in or easily available via the huge ecosystem of Django apps. I don’t need to spend any billable time on boilerplate.”

This statement tells too much about why the Django framework is a favorite tool. Python is the natively supported programming language for Django. You need to pick up the framework in the following options:

• Enterprise software development where the speed of web development is a serious factor
• Application integration with other cutting-edge projects that deal with deep learning and data science
• Serverless computing

Prime features of Django framework

There is a long list of unique features that make the framework the first choice. It accomplishes all needs of web developers for rapid web application development with enterprise-grade quality. There are ample reasons why web developers and business owners alike prefer web development in Django. When it comes to web development, Django framework development services give an edge with the following features.

• Django is an enterprise-grade, Server side rendered, MTV (Model-Template-View) Web framework.
• It ensures extensibility via pluggable apps where third-party apps need to be plugged.
• It gets additional support for Asynchronous, Reactive programming.
• Django is a “Batteries Included” framework with its own rendering engine, template language, and a suite of basic functionality for use cases.
• It is a phenomenal migration engine that allows for highly automated schema changes.
• It offers a breakneck development velocity.
• Python is one of the largest ecosystems in the industry, and Django seamlessly works with the Python Ecosystem.
• Rapid Application development is possible with Django Admin.
• With an object-relational mapper (ORM) feature, Django helps web developers develop applications with lesser codes.

All mentioned above features and facts show why Django is still a popular and most preferred web framework in 2021. It is clear that custom Django web development with Python is quite helpful in building a web application with the help of prewritten codes. Consequently, it results in effort-saving, time-saving, and cost-saving.
When it comes to back-end web development, Django emerges as the best high-end web framework option. Business enterprises need to find a suitable Django web development company that proffers Django framework development services at the competitive cost.