Django framework for business

Top Brands Banking Upon Django Framework for Business Enhancement

Entrepreneurs from different industries always look for new ways to add more wings of success to their businesses. Digitization is such a unique and effective way to get better output and make things streamlined. These days, it is pretty easy to simplify your business with hybrid and native mobile apps. And Django web development ensures you get the potent app your business needs today. Django has been advertised as the ‘framework for perfectionists with deadlines’ by its promoters. The flexible framework encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design with less coding. Read the content to assess why top brands see the Django Framework for business as an ample opportunity to enhance reach and effectiveness.

The rising stature of the Django framework for business

Modern web developers go in for Django as a fit for custom development of on-demand delivery platforms, social networking websites, and online learning platforms for web and apps. A 2021 Statista survey on popular web frameworks shows that React.js is the most used framework at the global level. Although Django stands behind React.js in terms of popularity, yet it raises its stature above other frameworks, including Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Symphony, and Drupal. The list of popular frameworks includes React.js (40.14%), Django (14.99%), Angular Js (11.49%), Laravel (10.12%), Ruby on Rails (7.04%), and Symphony (3.85%).

Django makes a difference to social networking websites, government websites, on-demand delivery platforms, and online learning marketplaces. Django can create booking engines, CMS for internal and commercial use, CRM systems, communication platforms, and document administration platforms. Django is great for algorithm-based generators, emailing, filtering systems, machine learning, data analysis, complicated calculations, and verification systems.

The prime reason why developers incline to Django is time reduction in work. The unique features of Django enable programmers to build custom web apps for business enterprises, irrespective of their size, nature, and type. Time-saving is the main USP of the framework, and it adapts to different needs easily. That is why the framework allows developers to meet their deadlines and objectives at work. Look at some big brands that adopted the Django framework to take their business to the next level.

Disqus – Networked community platform

Disqus is an American blog comment hosting service. Every month, it handles more than 50 million comments. Django framework helped Disqus scale the app for managing millions of users and enhancing the performance as well. The company favored Django because of its ready-to-implement solutions and huge community support.

YouTube – Video-sharing platform

The first version of YouTube app was developed with Django. The team at YouTube thought of improving its performance and adding new functionalities to the video-sharing platform. Django helped the team act quickly, implement new features, and maintain website speed.

Instagram – Photo and video sharing app

Instagram users add about 95 million photos and press 4.2 billion likes. Django allowed the Instagram team to emphasize the app UI and UX. It also detects and monitors errors in real-time. Django helped Instagram to:

• Manage a greater number of interactions
• Process huge amounts of data
• Scale the application

Spotify – Music streaming app

Spotify app is famous for changing the way people listen to, share, and buy music. You can access the huge library of this app everywhere using any device. Spotify has big data, and its app uses Python + Django to handle this data. The team chose the web framework for the two reasons:

• Fast backend
• Machine learning options

Machine learning + Python assisted the app get benefits with customized auto-generated playlists.

Django web framework development

Mozilla – Popular browser

A large number of people use Mozilla in a world that Google dominates. Mozilla was developed with Php and CakePHP’s core technology stack. As the browser became popular, people started using the browser in a big number. So, they had to deal with millions of searches daily. Mozilla had to adopt a new technology to improve efficiency and manage high traffic. It invested in Python+Django and quickly controlled hundreds of millions of views every month. Now, they can handle more API hits per day. Now, Django empowers the Mozilla support site and the add-ons as well.

Summing up

Django is Python-based, and it gives developers the tools they expect for rapid and hassle-free web and app development tasks. When it comes to churning the most out of Django app development, an experienced Django development company caters to the commercial needs of business organizations professionally.

What we have discussed so far shows that Django is a perfect solution for large companies, mid-sized companies, and startups. Django is scalable, and it lets the business app handle any audience volume efficiently. If you want to build robust and secure websites, then the Django framework for business can be a surprise package for your next project, needs, and overall growth.