Toward Digital Transformation
with ServiceNow Platform

Business enterprises need to automate, optimize, and empower everyone to build mobile-first digital workflow using a robust and ubiquitous platform. That is why Binmile ServiceNow services help business enterprises enhance and automate their existing IT, employee, and customer service workflows. Our ServiceNow certified engineers guide you on how to get the most out of your ServiceNow platform by digitizing and automating workflows.

Why ServiceNow solutions

"ServiceNow helped the composite organization bring a new service to market in half the time and at one-third the cost of alternative solutions." – Forrester Total Economic Impact (TM) Study.

Binmile helps companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. As a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS), ServiceNow enables you efficiently handle IT services and business processes in a hybrid IT environment. Check out the following reasons why you can’t miss the benefits of ServiceNow solutions.

  • Work effortlessly across teams, silos and systems
  • Automate any process for everyone across the enterprise
  • Deliver a seamless mobile experience
  • Streamline operations at a single platform
  • Accelerate work, simplify customer service, and solidify business operations
  • Create a clear path toward digital transformation
  • Reduce ITSM costs up to 60%
  • Automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps
  • Replace unstructured patterns and processes with intelligent workflows

ServiceNow Product We Cover

BinMile understands the importance of business and IT operations with a team of ServiceNow experts. We help you digitize business workflows with ServiceNow. We offer ServiceNow advisory, consulting, implementation, migration, development, support, testing, and maintenance services on the following modules

IT Service Management
  • Harness shared data for IT service workflows
  • All IT needs delivered on a single platform
  • Automation with virtual agents
  • Visible outcomes with built-in dashboards
  • Efficiency improvement with Now Intelligence assistance
  • Remote friction with mobile
IT Operations Management
  • Enhance visibility across infrastructure and apps
  • Maintain relations between different infrastructure components
  • Visualize CI dependency map to make an informed decision
  • Maintain service health
  • Optimize cloud delivery and spend
  • Intelligent tools to track and maintain service performance
  • Take control of multi-cloud environments
IT Asset Management
  • Automate asset workflow
  • Optimize hardware, software, procurement, and maintenance
  • Lower IT costs and risk
  • Automate workflow action from a central system
  • Bring teams together for seamless collaboration
  • Lower IT compliance
  • Assemble and manage multi-system workflows
  • Simplify cross-enterprise automation
  • Break down organizational silos
  • Improve integration productivity with a low-code developer
  • Build native integrations for all digital workflows
  • Connected dashboard for credential management
Custom App and Integration
  • Pain-free setup and integration
  • Extend digital workflow apps using a shared code set
  • Collaboration with Out‑of‑the‑box ServiceNow apps on one platform
  • Work collaboration to increase development capacity
  • Responsive UI framework for excellent user experience
  • Quickly connect your systems and apps
Service Portal
  • Cross-enterprise integrations for people and process
Industries we serve with ServiceNow

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