Automated Test Framework (ATF) to simplify ServiceNow app tests

Automated Test Framework (ATF) is a ServiceNow app that expedites and facilitates the testing process for deployment and upgrades in ServiceNow. It helps users detect underlying problems behind the error, and it also contributes to delivering faster results while upgrading and implementing. Binmile testing experts help you make the most out of your testing initiatives.

Why ServiceNow

ServiceNow ATF comes to your rescue when you need to enhance testing processes and address all testing challenges. Testing is necessary to customize and develop an instance. Automated Test Framework (ATF) is a ServiceNow app to automate the tests exercised to verify apps, configurations, and customizations. ServiceNow ATF offers tools to create and run automated tests. It provides functional testing by creating records and setting and checking field values.

  • Update released to expected functionality
  • An extensive assortment of software applications
  • Schedule tests with less effort and time
  • Transparency in the testing process
  • Inspect the flow of automated tests
  • Clear functionality of the system and workflow
ServiceNow ATF best practices

ATF is appropriate for browser compatibility, functional testing, regression testing, and server-side testing. It enables you to create and run automated tests to confirm that your instance works after making a change. ATF is a ServiceNow app for automating the tests performed to verify applications, customizations & configurations.

  • Identify essential functionality per app/process
  • Create tests to validate essential functions
  • Package tests into suites
  • Run and schedule tests for execution
  • Monitor and fix issues
  • Maintain ATF tests
Why Binmile

Binmle helps you create test cases, test cases, and automate testing using the available ATF Application in ServiceNow Instance. It helps your tester save time by creating ATF for an app or requirement and repeatedly using test steps and test cases in any other instance, even after upgrading that environment.

  • No complexities in testing your custom
  • UIs Freedom from the struggle with testing different input values
  • Time and cost savings
  • Accelerate end-to-end and regression testing
  • Fully functional defect-free product for end-users