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Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Empower Businesses in Uncertain Times

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an influential set of intelligent apps, including CRM and ERP. These apps let business enterprises of all sizes drive customer growth and business success. By bringing all business needs to the cloud, Dynamics 365 smartly begins transformation and helps you drive customer engagement. COVID-19 has affected everything badly, with the worst outcomes and uncertainty. Life never stops at all, nor the business. That is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM tool lets companies perform smoothly irrespective of the odds of uncertain times. Various Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in India enables business enterprises to deploy and implement CRM in the tough times of COVID-19. Read this content and determine how implementing and deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help business enterprises excel and upscale in uncertain times.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 give Businesses an edge?

Being a collection of ERP and CRM software applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to manage business functions like sales, marketing, finance, operations, rations, and customer service. Dynamics 365 works well with many Microsoft products like Office 365, Power BI, and Cortana Intelligence. In the times of the COVID-19 crisis, CRM is a technological aid for millions of business enterprises looking for B2B and B2C solutions.

When the safety and health of communities come first, Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays a vital role. Interestingly, CRM is not slowing down following the prevalence of the global pandemic. It assists businesses of all sizes in performing well with the workflows, processes, and artificial intelligence. The adoption of CRM technology enables both companies and individuals to thrive at unprecedented speeds. As work from home has become the need of the hour and businesses are a priority, businesses leverage CRM to navigate COVID-19.

• CRM technology connects with marketing automation technology to let teams create efficient workflows to process data on leads, customers, and information.
• It analyzes data well in real-time to set team alerts to keep productivity, collaborations, and connections up.
• It integrates marketing automation campaigns so that you can assess the needs of your business in tough times.
• It lets you get updated status and data. You better get rid of older data as it will not give you real insights. Connected with CRM will provide you with a clear picture.
• CRM helps businesses with a consistent flow of processes, data, and strategies.
• Sales managers need to move to CRM usage to get rid of sales pipeline reviews that are not updated.
• CRM will help the customer service team maintain and accelerate customer service from working at home offices in times of crisis.

Remember that Microsoft Dynamics 365 services cover an extensive range of possibilities by engaging customers, empowering employees. It optimizes operations and transforms products. Besides, powerful integrations with the following Microsoft products create a single, seamless business environment. These include:
• Microsoft Power BI to add a business intelligence layer
• Cortana Intelligence to perform predictive analytics and reap the benefits of machine learning
• Office 365 to unite business and personal productivity
• Use PowerApps or create your own without any need for coding skills

Summing up

Although odd times of COVID-19 have brought everything to the corner, the business will go ahead despite all barriers. Here, you can take help from an IT company that can help you identify the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution as per your unique needs.

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