Kotlin programming language

Kotlin: The Best Android App Development Language Preferred by Google

There are many programming languages that Android developers use to build Android apps. When it comes to picking up the best language for android app development, Kotlin catches all eyes. Among a few Android app development languages, Kotlin is considered as the most preferred language. Pinterest, Gradle, Evernote, Uber, and Corda are some of the premier companies that have successfully used the Kotlin language for Android app development successfully. Read the content to find why Kotlin is the best Android app development language for Android apps.

Why Android apps

The most popular languages needed for android app development, available in the tech market, include Java, Javascript, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, Swift, and PHP. Android apps offer all business enterprises a competitive edge as about 80% people use Android-run handheld devices. To make the most out of Android web and mobile apps, business enterprises need to get in touch with an Android mobile app development company that can offer the following advantages:

• Compatible with more devices
• Easy adoption and launching
• Faster deployment on multiple platforms
• Highly scalable, rich, and friendly
• Multi-platform support with open distribution model
• Open-source with custom ROM and pro-active testing

Reasons why Kotlin is best for your app development programming language

According to Google, “Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first. Many new Jetpack APIs and features will be offered first in Kotlin. If you’re starting a new project, you should write it in Kotlin; code written in Kotlin often mean much less code for you–less code to type, test, and maintain.”

Kotlin uses a comparatively smaller boilerplate code, and it is safer than Java as it lacks error classes. It makes you free from encountering common errors. Moreover, it reads codes easily with a safety feature. The following are some of the unique features of Kotlin, the best Android app development programming language. These include:

• Rapid development with lesser code lines
• Compatible with Java
• Learning Kotlin is evidently easy
• Free to use language
• Open source nature
• Secure programming with robust features

Java shortcomings solved by Kotlin app development

Brevity level
Java application developers use to write long lines of code to perform any task. Kotlin solves this puzzle and lets developers write large projects, in half the time. Moreover, this language comes with loads of features like a readable, concise, and substantial syntax to supersede conciseness.

Interoperability was the prime reason behind the introduction of Kotlin for mobile app development. Kotlin language gives developers the ease to write modules that also work even with a Java code using a Kotlin compiler flawlessly.

Absence of Checked Expectations
Java’s checked expectation facility has been a little problematic during the compiling process. Java developers find it hard to identify a nonexistent exception and execute codes. Here, Kotlin solves out this issue and reducing verbosity and enhancing type-safety.

Zero raw types
Raw types are generic classes that allow backward compatibility but can also throw cast coding that results in error. Here, Kotlin doesn’t allow raw types by creating a type-safe code.

Summing up

For Android app development, Kotlin programming language has gained global attention and is increasing expanding its day-by-day. The best part of Kotlin language lets you easily develop feature-rich and innovative Android apps. If you are interested in Android app development project by employing the best Android app development language, we at Binmile Technologies can help you. You can connect with us at – [email protected]