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Top Technology Widely Used for Your FinTech App Products

Fintech or financial technology has transformed the world of the finance industry by emerging as an alternative to traditional banking. It is a new way to manage money and handle monetary transactions smartly. Many finance companies are adopting this technology to get […]

Challenges and Types of Front End Testing

In a software development lifecycle (SDLC), the front end is the client-side part of a program, involving everything visible while using an app. Every web app comes with a three-tier architecture: client, server, and information system. The client comprises the presentation layer, […]

The Influence of Shift Left Testing on Software Development

The timing of testing initiation matters the most in any software development life cycle (SDLC). Starting testing procedures at a late stage in the SDLC brings disastrous results. That is why it is vital to do the testing part as early as […]

Helping a US-based Business Process Consulting Firm Improve its Backend Operations

Realizing business value from different data sources is a big task, especially when manual intervention is involved. When our valued client decided to transform the data management processes for sales purposes, leveraging the power of intelligent digital technologies, Binmile rendered the client […]

Single Platform for complete Business Digital Transformation

Overview The client operates in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is one of the largest Oil and Gas exploration and production companies globally based out of South East Asia. The oil and gas industry includes the capital, manpower, and heavy machinery-intensive […]

How ServiceNow CMDB Made a Difference for the IT Team

Overview A leading retailer in the UK realizes the need for a centralized platform to manage all IT activities. The client had dispersed data and silos, with the company processes either overlapping or not crossing paths. Also, as they were in the […]