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Monumental Shift to Quality Engineering from Quality Assurance

The propagation of technologies and information availability has changed the way software products are created and delivered. Today, quality improvement, defect elimination, and real-time output are the buzzwords in software development and the process of software development life cycle (SDLC). Without a […]

Getting ahead with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Digital Journey

Digital Transformation is what we hear all day these days, with an influx of SaaS-based models, technology-enabled start-ups, and more than ever focus on process and product due to the increasing competition. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is such a perfect ERP and CRM […]

Adding Value to Your Enterprise with ServiceNow

Is your organization struggling with too many legacy tools and platforms?Is your data stored in Silos and fragments?Do you wish to have a consolidated view of your organization on a single platform?Do you want to provide employees and customers a seamless experience?Do […]

Single Platform for complete Business Digital Transformation

Overview The client operates in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is one of the largest Oil and Gas exploration and production companies globally based out of South East Asia. The oil and gas industry includes the capital, manpower, and heavy machinery-intensive […]

How ServiceNow CMDB Made a Difference for the IT Team

Overview A leading retailer in the UK realizes the need for a centralized platform to manage all IT activities. The client had dispersed data and silos, with the company processes either overlapping or not crossing paths. Also, as they were in the […]

ServiceNow Implementation for Healthcare Retailer

Case study – Overview, Industry, & Client Overview A leading retailer in the healthcare industry adopts ServiceNow for its digital transformation for its global operations. The client improvises on IT services providing itself leverage over its competitors and managing vast areas of […]