End-to-end Energy and Utility Software Solutions

In the last decade, smart utilities, smart customer experience management, and smart energy management technology have revolutionized the energy and utility sector. We deliver energy and utility sector companies a unique and proven service-delivery model for cutting-edge energy management solutions.

Custom energy and utility software solutions from Binmile Technologies

Binmile Technologies has worked with the leading utility and energy companies across the globe. That is why it caters to the growing technical needs of the energy & utility industry professionally.


Custom Energy Management Software

Our custom energy management solutions make complex tasks more straightforward for the energy & utility industry. Our tailored cutting edge cloud-based custom solutions are vital for capturing data, facilitating energy portfolios, and assisting businesses with tracking, documentation & performance monitoring. We offer the following solutions for custom energy management software.

  • Utility tracking software
  • Energy portfolio management
  • Utility asset management

Electric Management Solutions

We develop energy management software and mobile apps in order to cater to the energy & utilities industry’s business needs for network monitoring, operations support, faster data outcomes, and electrician tasks. We offer the following solutions for electric management.

  • Electric software services
  • Electrical estimating software
  • The electric mobile app software

Custom Water Management Solutions

We develop cloud-based utility management software solutions for the utility industry to make things easier for human resources associated with water management. From water treatment management to quality monitoring to automated billing, our custom water treatment solutions cater to all changing needs of the utility sector. We offer the following solutions for water management.

  • Water software development
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Utility management software
  • Billing software services

Waste Management Software Solutions

We better understand the demanding needs of the utility industry. Our waste management software solutions are vital for waste source location tracking, real-time monitoring, seamlessly integrate with 3rd party tools, sustainability initiatives monitoring, etc. We offer the following solutions for waste management.

  • Waste tracking software
  • Waste Management Mobile App
  • Waste management systems
  • Solid Waste Management Software
  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Waste Profile Management Tools

Why Binmile for Energy and Utility Software Solutions

  • Adoption of process improvement and technology innovation
  • Consultation for big companies, retail consumers, and multiservice municipalities
  • Digital expertise to provide best-in-class user experiences
  • Support for rollouts of energy consumption and behavior analytics
  • Seamlessly integration of cloud services into your IT infrastructure
  • A strong network of professionals to meet all compliance standards
  • Maximize the benefits of investing in intelligent energy management technology