CI/CD Automation

Binmile helps you set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline with best practice processes, tools, and policies. We advise you on CI/CD processes, tools, and architecture. We know how to enhance your software development with a CI/CD approach.

Why CI/CD Automation?

These are the reasons why you should choose this platform:

  • Time-efficiency
  • Shorter Mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Faster access to new features and bug fixes
  • Enhanced delivery with automation
  • Code deployment in small batches
  • Team collaboration on technologies, practices, and priorities
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Our End-to-End CI/CD Solutions

Binmile offers end-to-end CI/CD solutions on advanced CI/CD automation and DevOps best practices. We employ an agile methodology to break the silos between management, development (dev), operations (ops), and QA teams. CI/CD simplifies the automation of the app building process and full test coverage.

CI/CD design from scratch
  • CI/CD strategy design and road-mapping
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Maintenance and optimization
  • Tooling definition and selection
CI/CD implementation
  • Current infrastructure evaluation
  • Tech stack selection
  • CI/CD implementation
  • Maintenance and optimization
CI/CD Consulting
  • CI/CD pipelines audit
  • Consulting and control of the execution

Why Binmile?

  • Getting started with CI/CD needs
  • Educating on CI/CD best practices and knowledge transfer for future automation
  • Determining the appropriate tools and platforms
  • Developing an automation pipeline and effectively testing

Success Stories

We work with companies worldwide, creating bespoke solutions for bespoke challenges