Pros and Cons of Shift left test in the SDLC

The shift left term is quite popular in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process. But the big question is how is shift left testing properly leveraged for software development? Although TDD, CI, BDD, and DevOps practices are becoming typical, you need to […]

Predominant Principles for API Deployment from a CI/CD Pipeline

An application programming interface (API) is not just another piece of software that accomplishes some tasks. Indeed, it is an essential aspect of a software component in tandem with a relationship with developers consuming this API, and a consumer ecosystem and interface […]

Challenges of Working with APIs from Developers’ Perspective

Online services are highly interconnected with other systems. They prompt vendors to consume and expose data that fit in the ecosystem of related software. That is why vendors expose their application programming interface (APIs) and build integrations to exchange information with partner […]

Top Java Frameworks for Your Next Web Development Project

Do you know, there are more than 50 million websites, including LinkedIn, Google, eBay, Stack Overflow, and Amazon, written extensively using a unique language? It is Java that almost every developer prefers as an object-oriented language for web development projects for various […]

Top 7 Nodejs Frameworks Developers Should Adopt in 2022

Node.js is a popular and fast server-side web app platform that offers app developers the ease of building scalable solutions for web apps. It is a trendy and open-source JavaScript runtime framework with cross-platform features to create codes outside the browser. That […]