How to Achieve Continuous Delivery with Automated Testing

Test automation is a basic need for successful outcomes in continuous delivery (CD). When it comes to software testing, testing experts work on different levels of automated tests to ensure the quality of delivery. Continuous delivery is vital to DevOps because you […]

Offshore Software Development — The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Onshore, offshore, and nearshore are the three most common outsourcing services that IT vendors get their software development projects done. Among the three options, offshore software development gives IT vendors better control, benefits, and results over the project. This outsourcing model largely […]

AI for Insurers in 2022 – The impact of AI on the Future of Insurance

These days, artificial intelligence (AI) has deeply integrated into all industries. Like other industries, the insurance industry needs to respond to the changing business landscape. AI comprises various related technologies, like machine learning (ML), deep learning, neural networks, and natural language processing […]

Maximize Business Potential with Process Automation and Visualization

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The Ultimate Guide (2022): How to Build an Engaging Mobile App

Today, the market for mobile technologies and services is expanding rapidly and all business enterprises expect an effective online presence. A good user experience makes users want to use the app again, leave reviews, give good ratings, and recommend it to other […]

Top Tech Stacks that Reign Software Development in 2022

A tech stack or solutions stack represents a combination of technologies that companies use to perform the desired task, run a project, or build an app/software. Generally, tech stacks consist of multiple programming languages, frameworks, libraries, development tools, and approaches. Typically, a […]