Cobots and the Future of Manufacturing

Cobot is a new and advanced automation technology that enables manufacturers of all sizes and types to automate the entire or a small portion of their manufacturing processes. Recently, collaborative robots or cobots have seriously penetrated the manufacturing industry despite different industry […]

How Information Technology is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry?

The global manufacturing industry is dedicated to delivering cost-competitive and high-quality products in order to meet customer expectations and maintain a strong economy. Although there is a constant demand from the global manufacturing industry for improved and better products, global manufacturing companies […]

The Future of Payments: Five Payment Trends to Watch in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic led to consumers’ preference for cashless transactions, which was a noticeable trend due to the swiftness of these transactions. Digitization is the most significant step forward in making a payment experience quick and seamless for customers and businesses alike. […]

How to Choose the Right CRM System for Business

Choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) software or system is a must-have for any growing business. With lots of free, paid, and open-source CRM systems for businesses, enterprises find it hard to choose the best one that matches their business needs […]

Binmile Technologies Forges Partnership with ServiceNow

Recently, Binmile Technologies forged a technology partnership with workflow automation giant ServiceNow for ServiceNow implementation, sale, resale, and subcontracting modules. Binmile helps customers attain outcomes like enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and balanced staffing levels when it comes to understanding your business goals, […]

5 Essential Tech Trends for the Banking Industry

Digital is the new buzz in all sectors, including the banking sector, progressing toward technological advancements. It has transformed the manual process into a digital process, resulting in reduced human error, time-saving, and increased customer loyalty. Technology is a problem solver and […]