Incident Management Platform Infused with Observability Launched by ServiceNow

Recently, ServiceNow added an incident response/management platform to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) collection. Lightstep Incident Response (LIR) app is based on the Lightstep observability platform acquired by ServiceNow last year. This ServiceNow Incident Management app gives developers more control over managing incident responses […]

Guidance on Access Control List Misconfigurations Released by ServiceNow

Cloud-based workflow automation platform ServiceNow has announced guidance for global customers concerning misconfigurations of access control lists (ACL). These guidelines were released after an AppOmni security report by AppOmni, a leading SaaS Security Management platform, discovered that about 70% of the tested […]

Application Transformation as Number One Application Modernization

Modernization is not a new word. Enterprises of all sizes and types prefer to update their on-premises and legacy systems to the cloud to gain a competitive edge. But legacy technology presents many technical and non-technical challenges. Interestingly, application modernization can quickly […]

Top Factors Driving Python Lanaguage ahead in 2022

Python is a powerful programming language that was created by Guido van Rossum in 1989. Guido wanted to create an easily readable language that could teach computer science students and have the flexibility of other languages such as BASIC, Lisp, and Perl. […]