The World is Gaga over Mobile Apps for Staying Ahead

Many people plan to build an app for solving their individual and business purposes always face the biggest question: which type of mobile app should I make? There are lots of mobile apps available in the competitive market that allures potential app […]

Enhance Software Quality Quotient through Functional Testing

Currently, every smartphone, tablet, desktop, and smart TV runs on software. So, the quality of software should be high to beat its competitive software products. Quality has three vital aspects, including functional, structural, and process quality. Quality is essential for measuring the […]

Unique API Testing Tools for Software and App Testing

Application Programming Interface (API) is the middle layer between the database and presentation (UI) in software app development. It enables data exchange and communication between different software systems. It is a software testing practice for testing APIs regarding performance, functionality, reliability, and […]

Right Tech Stack for Your Next App Development Project

People interested in building an app might have known the term technology stack or tech stack. It is used to explain a collection of tools for building software or application. Full-stack means a mix of hardware, software, operating systems, servers, databases, and […]

Flutter 2.2 Unveiled with New App Development Features

Recently, technology giant Google unveiled Flutter 2.2, the latest version of its open-source UI development kit, at its yearly developer-focused I/O conference 2021, as an upgrade. The new version comes with loads of new features so that app developers can utilize Google […]

Embracing Low-code Development Platforms to Improve Customer-like Experience

Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) are responsible for developing and executing HR strategies to support the overall business plan. From succession planning to change management and organizational performance management to employee development, CHROs give a strategic direction to business organizations. Nowadays, they […]

Fantastic Mobile Experience with Mobile-friendly Website Development

The growing number of smartphone users, the emergence of mobile usability, investment in mobile marketing, faster access to the Internet, the advent of 4G-5G, website traffic generation, and mobile-first world are visible facts showing why mobile friendliness matters the most. The term […]

Utility of Improved Workflow Automation in Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas automation or oilfield automation relates to different processes in the oil and gas industry. With the growing use of involving digital technologies, energy producers can better compete in global markets. Drilling, production operations, supply chain, process control, logistics, safety, […]

Software Development with Open Source Solutions for Enterprises

Propagated by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in the late 1990s, open source software products resolve niche solutions. Open source solutions are easy to obtain and incorporate into digital solutions as they are accessible to the general public. Some of the most […]

Customized FinTech Apps to Automate Financial Services

A perfect combination of finance and technology, Fintech emerges as a new technology that builds, automates, and improves the use and delivery of financial processes and services. FinTech can take the form of software, business, or service. It lets companies, business owners, […]

Why Ionic Framework for the Development of PWAs

Ionic is famous as a robust cross-platform and mobile app development framework for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages using a single, shared codebase. The framework offers a library of mobile-optimized UI components, […]