Enterprise Application Development Challenges in 2021

Mobile apps are part and parcel of every modern enterprise infrastructure as they bolster mobile technology advantages for control and optimization of business operations. In the current scenario, the importance of mobile technologies has increased by manifolds and emerged as an excellent […]

ServiceNow ISTM: From Quantified Benefits to Expert Advice for IT Leaders

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) needs no introduction because the ServiceNow product simply transforms the impact, speed, and delivery of IT. It is vital for increasing productivity and creating unique experiences. It easily handles incidents, service requests, problems, and changes and covers […]

Automation in Mobile App Testing with Appium Framework

App developers use many cross-platform mobile automation testing tools to test mobile applications’ validity, performance, and functionality. When it comes to picking a particular mobile testing tool that works for the most used mobile operating systems and saves you a lot of […]

DevOps Trends for Business Leadership and Culture for 2021

DevOps smartly merges development and operations to bring two different teams together and enables greater coordination and collaboration. It meets customer needs directly and offers a greater value. A DevOps culture better responds to change, improves quality, and takes products to market. […]

Unique Reasons Why Django Web Framework is Still Popular in 2021

There are several web development frameworks in the competitive market, but selecting the right one is a complicated and intricate task. Business enterprises should pick up a framework that can effectively fit their business goals. What is common among Instagram, Spotify, NASA, […]

Why Businesses Elect Angular for Developing Digital Products

With emerging technologies, business enterprisers prefer to employ a viable technology framework for mobile and web application development. Among frontend frameworks, Angular JS is widely prevalent among business enterprises at the global level. From start-ups to enterprises, Angular is one of the […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Empower Businesses in Uncertain Times

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an influential set of intelligent apps, including CRM and ERP. These apps let business enterprises of all sizes drive customer growth and business success. By bringing all business needs to the cloud, Dynamics […]

Workflow Automation Made Easy with ServiceNow Flow Designer

With fasting changing digital technologies, business enterprises of all sizes and types are looking for strategic solutions to transform their business processes as digital workflows. Digital business transformation comes through a unique platform that helps you build new workflow apps using a […]

DevOps Automation to Mechanize Entire DevOps Pipeline

DevOps automation means technology addition for performing tasks with reduced human support. It fills the gap of feedback loops between operations and development teams, from accelerating processes to scaling environments to building continuous integration and continuous delivery deployment (CI/CD) workflows. The outcome […]