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Independent Software Testing Services

Software testing is all about validating the quality of the software product or service under test. It also covers the process of finding software bugs and verifying its ability to perform as per needs. Software development life cycle (SDLC) includes System investigation, system analysis, design, environments, testing, training and transition, operations and maintenance, evaluation, requirements management, test management, and defect tracking. In the SDLC, the main thing that always matters the most is the quality factor that demands complete elimination of the risk of defects, adherence the to balanced system as per needs, and automated deployment of software testing teams.

Quality is a big challenge at every step of the process of software development and testing. It takes real experience, ability, tools, techniques, and IT environment to deliver demanded software quality.  That is why BinMile Technologies (BMT) is here to offer the best quality output when you deserve nothing less than world-class service in the QA and testing domain. BMT is simply committed to bringing continuous improvement in QA and testing practices, and successfully create an unparalleled environment for its global clients.

Software testing methodology is defined as quality strategy and testing types used in order to ensure that the Application Under Test (AUT) meets genuine expectations. Quality test methodologies generally include functional and non-functional testing for the purpose of validating the AUT. For quality factor, BMT likes to abide by the following quality improvement services for software testing purpose:

  • Quality process assessment: It belongs to the examination of the root causes of quality problems and finding relevant solutions in order to ensure visible, effective, immediate, and long-term improvements in software product quality.
  • Test Process Improvement (TPI): Good for an optimized and repeatable testing process, this process successfully tests where you stand and offers the roadmap for enhancing testing processes and techniques.
  • Test Automation Assessment: It is good for having extended testing platforms and shorter regression cycle time. It helps you get started with test automation as per flexible script architecture and tools.
  • Software QA Consulting and Mentoring: It is a great way for having high-level test strategies in order to test case design to end the gap in knowledge or solve out a problem with a second opinion.

With our software quality service, we help business enterprises get the business ready software implementations, set an effective quality management system, optimize software testing processes, reduce quality risks, save big on software testing costs, and launch high-quality apps that are defect free and overcome all expectations. BMT gives prime importance to the following approach in order to deliver high software quality to its clients:

  • Functional testing Proven package of services for the delivery of flawless system functionality
  • Performance testing: Picture perfect integration of performance testing services at any stage of SDLC
  • Security testing: Protection of apps and software from cyber attack
  • Compatibility testing: Complete application compatibility with BMT software testing services
  • Usability testing: We help you see the world through your customers’ eye

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